December 11, 2021


Buying in a Seller's Market: 3 Tips to Help You Find the Right House to Call Home

Buying a home is an exciting time, but right now, the Real Estate market in northeast Indiana makes getting to that point just a bit more difficult. To say that we are seeing a “seller’s market” is an understatement – this market is one that sees Single Family Homes taking in 10+ offers and often selling for higher than list price! In fact, compared to this time last year, inventory of single-family homes on the market is down 16.9%. That means the competition for buyers is that much steeper. 

Now, having read that, you’re probably feeling a bit intimidated. If you’re considering buying, this blog is not meant to discourage you, but to help you set your sights as you face the journey into your next home. Hope is not lost! If you are ready to buy, we are ready to help you do just that. Read below to figure out how to set yourself up for success in the home-buying arena! 

  1. Get pre-approved early. Mortgage lenders are your partners in the buying process. If you want to be set up for success, start with a lender. They help you set up your financial goals so you can end up in the house of your dreams. Setting your budget early can allow you to see what can be possible in your price-range. Maybe stainless steel appliances and custom master suites fit in the budget, and maybe they don’t! Having an idea of the features you can afford before you start looking can help to keep you grounded through your search. Don’t know any mortgage lenders? Well, we know great ones. Get in touch with one of our agents and they’ll point you in the right direction! 
  2. Consider what your elbow-grease is worth. If you’re handy, buying a fixer-upper can be a great financial move. Now we’re not saying to tear down to the studs, but upgrading a kitchen or bathroom can take a house from “meh” to the house of your dreams! Don’t be afraid to look into houses that need a bit of love. Your agent can help you envision the possibilities hidden behind the drywall. 
  3. Have an agent you trust in your corner. Each of our agents has been working in the market and knows what to expect. They’ll help you strategize and have your back every step of the way. Kenson, Tony, Al, and Ben have the experience it takes to see you get the home you’ve always wanted. Whether you’re a first-time buyer or you’ve been around the block a few times, put your trust in an agent who knows the Dhanie Group Difference!

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